What layout options are available for proofing?
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Monday, September 28, 2015
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Proofing events display images in a grid view when you first open them. By default they use the pinboard layout, meaning the size and shape of the images is determined by the size and shape of the original images. You also have the option to display the grid view as all squares or rectangles.

To change the grid view layout from the proofing control panel, click on design and then layout. You will see the available layouts. The same layout is used for all of your events. The one being used is outlined by a teal box. To change the layout, click on one of the other layouts and then click save changes.


Note: If you select square or rectangle, and you want to control how the images are cropped to display in this layout, you can change the image focal point on each image in your event. Open the event from the proofing control panel, click on a picture, and click edit focal point.

You can drag and drop the focal point to where you want the center of the image to be in the grid view. Click the x to exit the editor, and click save changes.

To continue editing focal points on other images, click go back to see the collection of images in the gallery and access other images to edit their focal points.

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