How do I view purchased Gift cards?
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Thursday, August 27, 2015
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Gift cards are a great way to drive sales. From the Ecommerce section of your control panel, you can view all gift cards (both purchased and created by you).

To view your gift cards first mouse over sell online and then click on gift cards.

The list tab will display all gift cards either purchased or created:

This tab will also display additional information about each gift card.

  • Number: This is the gift card number that a customer can use within checkout of your Store. This number is automatically generated.
  • Description: This field indicates either the customer who purchased your gift card through your Store or it contains a custom description that you entered for a gift card created manually.
  • Order No: If the gift card was purchased, an order number will display.
  • Status: Displays if the gift card is active, pending, or used. 
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