How do I upload a cover image for a blog post?
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Wednesday, July 06, 2016
By Photobiz Knowledge Base
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When creating a blog post, you may want to add a cover image to the post to be displayed on the main blog page, but not in the blog post itself. This can allow you to create a consistent look across all your blog posts to make your blog page look cleaner.

An example of cover images on blog posts can be seen below:

By default, the cover image for your blog post will be the first image uploaded in your blog post. If you'd like the cover image to be a different image, click on the gear icon for settings at the top right of your blog post editor. 

From the settings menu, click on cover image.

To upload your own cover image, select the radio button for custom image

Click on add files or clipboard to select the cover image you'd like to use from your computer or from your clipboard, then click on Upload or Insert.

Make sure to click on save changes after you've uploaded your new cover image.

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