How do I update an invoice to reflect an offline payment?
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Friday, September 18, 2015
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Invoice payments can be received in multiple ways, even when you send it electronically some people may prefer to mail you a check. You can update offline payments received to pay invoices through your ecommerce control panel. 

To begin hover over sell online and click on invoices from within the ecommerce control panel.

Click on the invoice number that you received an offline payment for, and then click on payments.

Here you can click on the new payment button, and add payment amount received, complete with a reference line of information for your records. Click save changes when you are done.

When you click the save changes button, the offline payment is automatically deducted from the total amount due on the invoice. The balance due is also updated so that you can see how much your customer still owes towards their invoice if applicable.

 Note: If you want to allow a customer to pay an invoice in part, you must set it to allow partial payments when the invoice is created. 

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