How do I switch from a Flash site to an HTML5 Portfolio Site?
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Monday, February 01, 2016
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Congratulations on deciding to switch from a Flash site to an HTML5 Portfolio Site! There are many advantages to using HTML5 over Flash, most notably because the HTML5 site is more mobile-friendly and search engine friendly. We've made it very easy to switch from Flash to HTML5 with our import tool. Follow the steps below to switch from Flash to HTML5 quickly and easily:

1. Import

The first step is to import your information from your Flash site to your HTML5 site so you won't be starting from scratch on a blank website. The import tool will copy over all your images, pages, and text from your Flash site. 

Click here for complete instructions on how to use the import tool.

2. Choose a Template and Color Scheme

Since there is a new bank of templates to choose from, you'll have to opportunity to choose a new template for your new HTML5 portfolio site. Some of the templates in the HTML5 template bank are reproductions of the most popular Flash templates, so you may find the same template you were using in Flash also available in an HTML5 version. Remember when choosing a template to pay attention to the menu location, logo location, and any design elements. Everything else is customizable (colors, background, fonts, etc).

Click here to learn how to choose a template. 

After your template has been chosen, you can tweak the color scheme to match your brand. Click here for a guide on using the color scheme.

3. Upload logo

One item that doesn't get copied over in the import process is the logo, because the HTML5 sites can accomodate a larger logo size. You can upload your logo in the web pages section of your HTML5 control panel.

Click here for full instructions on uploading a logo.

4. Fine tune

After the import has been run, you've chosen a template and color scheme and uploaded your logo, its time to tweak the other details of your site to customize it to fit your brand. Hover over design to see the items you can customize: favicon, background, fonts, image display.

Make sure to also look through your web pages section and make sure your text is formatted correctly.

5. Publish on main domain

When you're ready to launch your new site, you'll need to first move it to your main domain. Click here for step by step instructions on launching your HTML5 Portfolio site.

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