How do I set up Stock Tracking for my products?
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Thursday, August 27, 2015
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In your Ecommerce, you have the ability to set up stock tracking in order to create an inventory of your products. This allows you to set and monitor the number of items you have available for purchase.

To start using stock for your products, from the Ecommerce control panel, hover over sell online and click products.

Click on the product you want to track stock for, and click on the stock tab.

If your product has multiple options such as sizes or colors, you can even track stock for the options, by selecting yes to the question if your product has multiple options with limited quantities. If your item does not have multiple options, you can leave this to the default of no

For multiple options such as sizes, you will be prompted to set a quantity for each option. You can even combine up to 3 options such as size, color, and style. To do this, first select your option and click the set options button.

From here you can choose each option that you want your customer to choose from and enter the initial quantity. You need to choose add line item after each quantity is entered. Then click start tracking stock.


Note: SKU numbers for each product/option must be unique. The SKU's will be auto generated by default, however you can enter their own sku number if preferred.

To check the stock levels of all of your products, you can click on the stock tracking tab at the top of your control panel. 

The quantity of products your customers will see available for purchase will be based on the available stock, the quantity drop down menu will only display the number of items available. If a product is out of stock, your clients will see Out of Stock when viewing the product.

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