How do I set up products?
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Thursday, August 27, 2015
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You can sell a wide variety of products through your Ecommerce site. From your Ecommerce control panel mouse over sell online and select products.

Within each product category there is a a new product button. (Note: You can drag and drop a product to a different category after it is created as well.)

You can enter your product details such as the product name, description, and price. You can also modify the product settings such as setting the product to active (available for sale online), charging tax, shipping and entering in an additional shipping cost if needed. Once you have entered in the product details, click the create product button. 

After you create a product additional options to edit and modify your product become available.


  • Images: Add images to display your product.
  • Options: Give shoppers options for purchasing your products such such as colors, finishes, style, size, etc.
  • Photo Requirements: If you are selling a product that people can select an image to be printed on, you can set a minimum and maximum number of images which may be selected for your Product.
  • Digital Download: Set up files that customers can download after they purchase the product, such as downloadable eBooks.
  • SEO and Search: Customize keywords that people can use to find your product on your site, plus meta data for search engines.
  • Stock: Track your products, and quantity you have available in your inventory. You can set an initial quantity for your product, and then update it as needed.


You can delete any products from your control panel by checking the checkbox next to the product and choosing the delete button. You can also drag the product to the delete icon.

Note: In order for products to be available for client purchase, you must add a products page under the Site Builder section of your account.

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