How do I select a mobile site layout for my Builder website?
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Wednesday, July 06, 2016
By Photobiz Knowledge Base
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Your Builder website has a built-in mobile-friendly version of the website that allows for simpler navigating on a smaller screen. There are a few different mobile site layouts you can choose from so that you can select what you think would be best for your client base.

To access this setting, click on your Builder icon.

From there, hover over Design and click on mobile.

Click on the Layouts tab on the mobile settings page. There are two types of layouts to choose from: Menu layouts and Gallery layouts.

Choose your preferred layouts for both settings and click on save changes.

Below is an example of the two types of mobile layouts: side menu and top menu.

The example site on the left below is using the side menu layout. With this layout, there is a menu icon (3 stacked horizontal lines) that deploys the menu from the left side of the screen when tapped. 

The example site on the right below is using the top menu layout. With this layout, the word MENU is at the top of the site that deploys the menu from the top of the screen down when tapped.

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