How do I print an order receipt?
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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You may want to print your customer's order receipts for your records or to include in a shipment to confirm what they are receiving. You can access the receipts from both the Ecommerce and Contacts control panels.

From the Ecommerce control panel, mouse over Tracking, and select Orders. Here you can access all your customer's completed transactions.

Now you can use the search parameters to find the order you want to print. When you find the desired order, click on the Order Number to access the details. There is a print button in the top right of the Order Summary. Click print it to select your desired printer.

Alternatively, you can access orders from the Contacts control panel. You can search for and select a customer, and then click on the Ecommerce tab. This will pull up Ecommerce Reports including an Orders Report. You can then click on the Order Number to access the details, and once again the print button will be in the top right of the Order Summary. 

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