How do I customize my fonts?
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Monday, January 08, 2018
By PhotoBiz Knowledge Base
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Customize the fonts on your website under the DESIGN tab in your control panel. 


You can customize the font style and size of your menu, titles, and global content.


Control your menu font.


Control the titles for your webpages, list items, images, products, blog posts, etc.

Global Content

Paragraph: Control the font of your paragraph text.
H1: Control the font of your main header text.
H2: Control the font of your subheader text.
H3: Control the font of your secondary subheader text.

Select a font

To change your font, click the fonts drop-down menu. 

You can preview the library of fonts in the sample text box on the right.

Select the size 

To change the size of your font, click the size drop-down menu.

You can change the size of the font in percentages according to the default size. For example, 80% would be 80% of the default size, making it smaller, while 120% would make it 120% of the default size, making it larger.

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