How do I create Gift Cards?
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Thursday, July 02, 2015
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In addition to selling gift cards, you can also create them to send to your customers. For example, you could send a contest winner a gift card as a prize, or if you include a credit toward the purchase of product in your session fee, you could create a gift card in that amount for your customer to purchase through your Ecommerce.

From the Ecommerce control panel, mouse over sell online and select gift cards.

From the list tab, click on the new gift card button.

Enter in the amount and description for your new gift card, and click on the add gift card button. You will see a confirmation message stating that your gift card has been created successfully.

The gift card will then be added to the gift card list. This list includes a lot of information about the gift cards. 

  • Number: This is the number that your customer will use during the checkout process to pay for their order.
  • Description: Internal description of your gift card, use for your records.
  • Order No: Order number associated with the gift card, and will appear if someone purchased it, but not if you created the gift card.
  • Created: Date the gift card was created. 
  • Amount: Monetary value of the gift card.
  • Balance: How much of the gift card amount is still available to use.
  • Status: Active or inactive.

To send the gift card to your customer, you can either copy and paste the number into an email on your own or click on the number, and click on the resend tab where you can enter their email address and click the resend gift card button.

If you need to delete a gift card you created, click on the checkbox next to the gift card number, and click the delete button above your gift card list. You will then see a confirmation message and you need to click yes, delete it to permanently delete the gift card. 

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