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Friday, July 22, 2016
By PhotoBiz Knowledge Base
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Registrations is a great tool to get people to sign up for free or paid events online.  This can be anything ranging from photography mini sessions for your clients to photography workshops, conventions, classes, etc.  In this tutorial, we'll use a photographer who is offering 20 mini sessions to their clients. 

To see a great example of a completed mini session registration, check out this article on our Business Growth Hub!

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To begin, click on SELL ONLINE from your ecommerce control panel and select REGISTRATIONS from the drop down menu.  Click on NEW REGISTRATION to begin setting up your registration.


After you create a registration category, you can then click NEW REGISTRATION

You will be prompted to enter the following for your registration:

  • NAME: This allows you to name your registration, and will let your customers know what they are registering for. 
  • DESCRIPTION: This allows you to enter the copy for the registration that will explain what your customers are registering for. 
  • SEATS AVAILABLE: This will control the total number of customers that can purchase and complete your registration.
  • EXPIRATION DATE: This allows you to enforce a deadline for your registration. The system will automatically close registration on this date.
  • PRICE: This allows you to set a price for your registration. If you do not wish to charge clients for signing up for the registration you can enter the price in as $0.00
  • CHARGE TAX: This controls whether you would like to charge sales tax for your registration. The amount of tax is controlled by the tax settings for your store.
  • ACTIVE: This gives you the ability to control whether or not the registration is available or not. This is particularly useful if you are creating a registration in advance for an upcoming promotion (Example: Seasonal Mini Sessions). You can set active to no and it will not be visible on your store front. 
  • CHARGE SHIPPING: This will allow you to select whether you would like to charge a shipping fee for your registration. If you are including anything that will be sent to your attendees prior to your event, you can pass along the shipping charge for those materials here.
  • ADDITIONAL COST: If there is an additional shipping cost beyond the general shipping settings for your registration, you may enter it here.
  • EMAIL NOTIFICATION: This allows you to control where notification emails will be sent once a customer has completed the registration process.
  • EMAIL THANK YOU MESSAGE: This allows you to enter a custom "Thank You" message for each registration that your customer will see at the top of their receipt.

Once you've entered your REGISTRATION DETAILS, you'll want to click on ADD REGISTRATION.  

  • NOTE: You'll need to add a REGISTRATION PAGE to your BUILDER for your clients to be able to access and register. 


You can add IMAGES to your registration to better market your event.  This can be a call to action, a simple text graphic, etc.  It's a great way to give your clients a visual for what they're signing up for.  


You can create FORM FIELDS for your attendees to fill out information for you in.  By default, you'll have two (2) sections set up.

Section 1: Personal Information

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

Section 2: Additional Information

You can edit these fields to request any additional information you need from your attendees (phone number, names of children, tshirt size, etc.)

Next, we'll show you how you can add additional FORM FIELDS to your registration. 

To ADD NEW FIELDS, you can click the NEW FIELD button and choose what type of field you wish to add to your registration.  You can choose to add fields from the following options:

  • SECTION - Creates a divider on your Registration to break up fields into different sections.
  • SINGLE LINE TEXT - Creates space for a single line of text to be entered from your attendee
  • PARAGRAPH - Creates space for a paragraph of text to be entered from your attendee
  • DROP DOWN MENU - Allows for a single selection to be made from a list of entries
  • CHECKBOX - Allows for multiple selections to be made from a list of choices
  • RADIO SELECT - Allows for a single selection to be made from a list of choices
  • PHONE - Allows for an attendee to enter their phone number
  • ADDRESS - Allows for an attendee to enter their street address
  • ADDRESS 2ND LINE - Allows for an attendee to enter a 2nd line of a street address if necessary
  • CITY - Allows an attendee to enter their city
  • COUNTRY - Allows an attendee to enter their country
  • STATE/PROVINCE - Allows an attendee to enter their state/province
  • ZIP/POSTAL CODE - Allows an attendee to enter their zip/postal code

STEP 5:  ADD DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (if necessary)

You can include a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD for your attendees that they get access to once they've completed their registration.  This can range from a PDF "What To Wear" guide, a "Frequently Asked Questions guide, or any other item you might want your attendees to download via email once they're all registered for your event.  

More Details on Setting Up A Digital Download For Registrations


Your REGISTRATION can be optimized in two ways in this field.  

 - You can add tags here to make your registration searchable within your ECommerce Site.  

 - You can customize your meta data for search engines as well. 

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