How do I add a custom checkout option?
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Friday, September 18, 2015
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The custom checkout section of your ecommerce is a great way to obtain additional information from your clients during the checkout process. Perhaps you want to add personalization or and even allow for client to check a box to agree to terms of use.

To set up the custom checkout option in your ecommerce mouse over settings and click on custom checkout.

A single custom checkout field can be set up. You can choose for it to be a paragraph or a checkbox. 

  • Paragraph: Ask your customer to provide typed information such as name personalization for items.
  • Checkbox: Allow your client to check to agree to your information or select one choice rather than type their own information.

The label is the title of this section that your clients will see on your live site. "Special instructions" is a common label for paragraph.

The description will allow you to provide instructions to request information from your client such as Please list any personalization here or Please check to agree to terms of use.

To allow clients to see the custom checkout information, you need to choose yes under the visible option.

By setting the custom checkout to required, your client must either check the checkbox or enter in text to complete the checkout process.

Make sure to click save changes after you set up your custom checkout options.

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