How can I submit my Portfolio Site's sitemap?
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Monday, October 26, 2015
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Your sitemap is Google's "road map" to navigate your website. It helps the search engine's "bots" or "crawlers" find information on your website more easily. For this reason, it is good to publish your sitemap when you make major changes to your site, because it could make it easier for Google to update information about your site.

Important Note: Even when your sitemap has been submitted, it can still take the search engines up to 60 days to update recently changed information about your site in their search results.

Every time you publish your Portfolio Site, you are also publishing the sitemap. To see information about your sitemap, click on the Portfolio icon then click on site analytics. After that, click on the sitemap icon.

From there, you will see the information on your sitemap, including the sitemap link, which you can use to submit your sitemap through Google Webmaster Tools. You will also see the last time your sitemap was published.

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