How can I set up a mini-session sign up in the Form Builder?
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Friday, August 26, 2016
By PhotoBiz Knowledge Base
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The Forms tool is a great way to set up simple mini-sessions for your clients. You can use the Forms tool to set up time slots and a payment option if needed. Follow the steps below to learn how to set up mini-sessions in your Form Builder.


First, click on the FORMS icon and then click on FORM BUILDER.

From the Form Builder, click on NEW FORM to create your mini-session sign-up form. From there, choose the form template you'd like to use and click on SELECT.

After you've created your form, you can rename your form for your mini session by clicking on the text box at the top of your form.

From there, add and customize your form fields for the information you need to collect from your mini session customers. 

Click here for a guide on available form fields.


When you're setting up a mini-session, you'll definitely need to add a field for attendees to sign up for a time slot. To do so, you'll want to add a RADIO SELECT form field from the STANDARD FIELDS section.

After the RADIO SELECT field is added to your form, fill in the RADIO TITLE and RADIO DESCRIPTION. From there, click on the pencil icon toward the right corner of the field and then click on ADVANCED.

After you click on ADVANCED, click on the text for CHOICE 1 to edit the choice:

  • TITLE: Enter the time frame 
  • QUANTITY: Enter the number of sessions you can do during this time frame, normally this number will be 1.

You can leave the ADDITIONAL FEE and CONDITIONAL FIELDS blank.

After you've entered the TITLE and QUANTITY, click on SAVE CHANGES.

Continue adding choices until all your available time slots have been added. Make sure you've entered the time and the quantity for each choice. When this is complete, click on GO BACK to return to the form builder.

STEP 3: SET UP PAYMENT (if necessary)

The last step to finish your Mini Session form is to set up your FORM PAYMENT

Click here for a step by step guide on setting up a form payment.

For more examples and advice about Mini Sessions, click here.

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