How can I display where a search bar appears on my Builder?
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Monday, November 16, 2015
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The search function on your Builder website is now available on many different page types on your Builder: All ecommerce and blog pages, as well as embedded video, gallery, information, list, marquee and marquee plus pages. You can control what pages display the Search bar and which do not.

To access this setting, click on the Builder icon and hover over settings and click on general. At the bottom of the General Settings page, you can check the checkboxes next to the page types you'd like to display a search bar, and click on save changes at the bottom of the page.

On your website, your viewers can run a search from any page you selected in your settings from the search bar, this will then search your whole site's content across: Products, Services, Packages, Registrations, Blog, Events. 

Running the search will launch a separate 'Search Results page', and will list results grouped by the page name that they are located on the site. The search results page will prioritize results, listing content from type of page you're running the search from first (e.g. A search run from a Packages page will run all Package content related first).

See an example below:

Note: The Search Results page only displays the square layout.

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