Forms And Contacts: Business Tips And Recommendations
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Saturday, January 02, 2016
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Every PhotoBiz account comes equipped with Forms & Contacts. Even if you never do anything to set up either tool, they both start working for you, because every website has a contact form enabled on it with canned fields. As potential customers fill in this form, it creates a contact entry for each. Though the Forms and Contacts tools work automatically on the contact page, there are many ways these tools can be utilized more to enhance your interaction with your customers. 

Create more forms to engage customers and encourgae interaction.

The first thing to make sure you do to fully utilize the forms tool is to create forms! If you need ideas, click here to learn about five forms every website needs. 

Customize your users' experience and make it more interactive.

After your forms are created, think about the experience you want your customers to have after they complete the form. Turn on the email thank you message and customize what it says based on what the form is about. You can even use the HTML tab in the Message field to embed some custom HTML code if you'd like. This is where you could send customers a video to their email after they fill in the form, for example.

You can also use the custom confirmation page URL to direct customers to a hidden page on your website, or a pdf document, or anywhere else! After they click on submit on your form, they will automatically be redirected to that link. 

Find more explanation of these settings here.

Utilize the tag feature 

Tagging your forms categorizes your forms, which then categorizes your contacts that are created from the form. This is a great way to help you organize and keep track of different lists of contacts by type. This is a very powerful way that you can separate your different kinds of customers and leads.

Learn how to use tags here and learn more about organizing sales leads here.

Connect family & friends 

Another way to organize your contacts is to connect them via the friends + family tab that will link contacts to each other that are related. This is particularly helpful for wedding portrait clients, allowing you to link together the bride, groom, bride's mother, groom's mother, etc. Click here for help with utilizing the friends + family tool.

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