How do I edit the radio button choices on my custom form?
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Monday, October 19, 2015
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Creating a custom form in your client relationship builder gives you the ability to allow your client to select from choices you create. This is a great option to allow clients to answer "how did you hear about us?" or "How would you like to be contacted?"

To begin creating a choice field for your custom form, click on the form icon at the top of your control panel and choose form editor.

Select your form name you wish to add choices to.

Choose the option for radio select under the add standard field area and drag this to your desired location in your form.

You can edit the title and description for this field by clicking on the text for radio title and radio description.

You can also click on the text for choice 1, choice 2 and choice 3 to add your selections.

If you need more choices you can continue to add choices into the blank fields below.

To delete any choice you can click the trashcan icon that appears when you hover over any choice. 

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