Why do my images appear oversharp?
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Monday, October 19, 2015
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If you find that your images are appearing oversharp after uploading, this problem is commonly seen with very large file sizes. 

You can resolve this problem by resizing to lower the size of your image files, and making sure you are using a compatible browser.

First, make sure you are using our recommended browsers Safari (for Mac computers) or Chrome (for Windows computers) to upload images. We recommend using these browsers because we have found that uploading with them results in the highest image quality. If your images are still appearing over-sharpened when using Safari or Chrome, you can try the following:

If your images appear pixelated or over-sharpened, you may need to reduce the file size.  Your files should be sized at 3000 pixels wide by 1730 pixels tall.  You can do one of the following to reduce the file size.

  • (Preferred) Set the height your images to 1730 pixels; you can let the width fall proportionally.


  • Set your image resolution to 72.  The screen can only display images at 72-96 resolution, and our system resizes to 72 ppi.

After making the edits to your images, you will need to re-upload to your control panel.

Click here for more assistance with troubleshooting image quality.

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