How do I clear chrome browser cache?
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Monday, October 19, 2015
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Browsers are designed to show you information quickly. To speed up your access, your browser will store information when you visit a site, and redisplay it the next time you visit so you don't have to wait for the images and content on that site to download again. Ideally your browser will check for updates on the site, but this process isn't always perfect. Clearing your browser cache will usually solve this problem.  

If you are not seeing your updates when you view your site, or you are still seeing old information on your site try clearing your Google Chrome cache. 

To clear your Chrome browser cache, follow the steps below:

Click the Chrome menu icon at the top right side of the tool bar that looks like three horizontal lines.

Choose the option for History.

Choose the option for Clear Browsing Data, that is located to the top left.

Under the section for Obliterate the following items, choose the beginning of time.

For your best results with your account, you will want to check the following boxes:


  • Clear browsing history
  • Dowload History
  • Delete cookies and other site and plugin data
  • Cached images and files
  • Click Clear browsing data. 


The only other step you’ll need to take from there is to close your Google Chrome down and open it back up to restart it.  This will ensure that your account now reflects all the changes you have made to your account and you’re viewing the most up to date version of your account.

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