How do I batch resize files?
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Monday, October 19, 2015
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There are times where you may need to run a batch in order to resize a group of selected images. This can be done in Photoshop from the following steps below:

1. Open Photoshop.  You do not need to open the images you wish to process, although you may if you wish.

2. Under the File menu, navigate to Scripts > Image Processor.

3. This will open the Image Processor dialog. In section 1 of the Image Processor dialog, you can select "Use Open Images" if your images are already open.  If not, select "Select Folder". You can then click on the "Select Folder" button and browse to the folder where the images you are resizing are.  Make sure "Open first image to apply settings" is checked.

4. In section 2, select where you want your resized images to be saved.  If you choose "Save in Same Location", a folder will be created inside your images folder where your resized images will be saved. If you wish to save your resized images to a new folder, choose "Select Folder".  You will be able to browse to the folder you wish to save your images to. 

5. In section 3 you will be able to configure how your images will be resized.  You can use the following settings:


  • Select "Save as JPEG"
  • Quality: You may set the quality anywhere from 0 to 12.  We suggest setting it no lower than 8.
  • Select "Convert Profile to sRGB".  This ensures your images will have the correct color profile.
  • Select "Resize to Fit"
  • In the box next to "W", enter 3000 for HD images.
  • In the box next to "H", enter 1730 for HD images.


6. Once all your settings are in place, click Run

All of the images in your selected folder (or all of your open images if you chose to open them first) will be resized to fit within your paramaters, and saved in your specified location.  

Click here for more assistance with troubleshooting image quality.

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