How do I batch convert images to sRGB color profile?
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Monday, October 19, 2015
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If you are using a Mac and you find your images are looking washed out or overly dark, you may need to convert the color profile to sRGB prior to upload. If you only have a few images to convert you can find single-image instructions here.

Note: It is not necessary to do this for Windows. PCs typically do not save the color profile information in jpg format images. 

Step 1. Open a random image with an Adobe RGB (or other) profile.

Step 2. We will need to create an action to automate this process. Go to the Actions tab, and click on the small arrows up at the top right of the Actions tab. Choose "New Set". Name your new set whatever you like, and click OK. For our example, the name of the set is "Conversions."

Step 3. With the Conversions set highlighted, click on the "create new action" icon on the Actions tab.  Choose a name for your new Action (I named mine sRGB). Leave the other settings at their default.

Step 4. When you are ready to create your converstion action, press Record.  Next, apply the conversion to your image by going to the Image menu, then to Mode, and choose Convert to Profile.  Under Destination space choose sRGB, then click OK.

Step 5. Click the Stop Playing/Recording icon next to the red Recording icon on your Actions tab.

Step 6. Now that the Action is ready to use, you can batch convert your files: go to File-Automate-Batch, select the Set and Action (in this case Conversions and sRGB) and your desired source.

Suggestion: Prior to converting, you can create a folder on your desktop named "Conversion Source" and set that as your desired source.  Move or copy the images you wish to convert into this folder.

Click here for more assistance with troubleshooting image quality.

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