How can I easily send my customers files?
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015
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Our Conversations tool is a great way to interact with customers. One of the many ways you can use conversations is to easily send customers files. A great use of this feature could be to send pdfs of information they need to know after hiring you, or to send over retouched images. 

First, you'll need to click on the Contacts tab and navigate to the customer you need to send the file to and click on their name.

From there, you'll see a series of tabs. Click on the files tab, then click on the upload button to add a file to this contact.

After you click on upload, you'll see the uploader appear. You can click on add files or drag and drop your files into the light grey box. After your files are added, click on the green upload button that appears.

After you upload your file(s), you'll be back in the main files tab. Check the box of the file you want to send, then click on send file.

Clicking on send file brings you to a new conversation, where you can set up the conversation to send to your client. Add a Subject and a Message. You'll also see the file you've attached.

Once your subject and message is entered, click on send, and your client will receive an email with their file attached.

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